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The program in this category are developed for families, by families. Father McGivney sought to strengthen the familial bond of father to mother and children to parents. The programs under family are in response to a society that seeks to weaken the bonds of family.



Food for Families-Help the underprivledged in communities across North America and around
the globe. Many in our communities are struggling through hardship and unable to
provide for their families. Knights of Columbus are committed to helping end hunger

through the Food for Families program.

Family of the Month/Year- Each month the Council Family of the Month

committee selects one parish family that models Christian family values and visibly

lives them every day. Each council establishes a committee to recognize a deserving

Family of the Month and Family of the Year with potential for recognition on the

international level.

Keep Christ in Christmas- Promote the true spirit of Christmas in our homes,

schools, parishes and communities. Councils will evangelize society through their

faithful acts, celebrations and a variety of activities. Knights of Columbus offers

multiple activities that promote Christmas and the season of Advent: Light up for

Christ, Crèche or Advent Wreath Blessing and the Christmas Poster contest.

Family Fully Alive- Monthly devotions are concrete ways that Knights of Columbus

in solidarity with the Pope Francis, can support the growth of holy and loving families

in the Church. The Family Fully Alive program asks families to invite God into their

homes and cultivate each family as a miniature domestic church. Booklets as a

devotional guide are provided with monthly themes, reflections, mediations and

group projects.

Family Week- Help families place God and the Catholic faith at the center of their

lives, year round. Councils will dedicate a special week of the year for their parish to

recognize the vital importance of families’ foundation of our domestic church and to

promote Catholic family values.

Consecration to the Holy Family-Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori has

composed a prayer through which families will come together to consecrate

themselves under the protection of the Holy Family. Through consecration to the

Holy Family is not a single event. It is choosing a way of life for the family.

Family Prayer Night- Strengthen the bonds within our parishes and build

faith-filled families. Families of council members, as well as other Catholic families

within the parish and community will gather for prayer, dinner and fellowship.

Multiple groups can be formed and families are encouraged to rotate between

these groups.

Good Friday Family Promotion-Bring families into more robust practice and better

understanding of our Catholic faith and the triduum. Councils will encourage

participation in Good Friday services through promotional campaigns by trying to

increase attendance at services which remain low.

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